Blue Ridge Mountain Garden Tractor Pullers

Updated 11/11/2017

Bring a Kid to the pull.  That is what it is all about.

 Thank you to all who helped with the pulls all year.


Congratulations to all the points champions for 2017.


Class                                                 Champion


Junior 800                                   Peyton Roland

Junior 900                                   Peyton Roland

Pure Stock 900                           Jeff Wilson

Pure Stock 1000                         Jeff Wilson

Pure Stock 1100                         Jeff Wilson

Hot Stock 0-16 950                     Alvin Meador

Hot Stock 0-16 1050                   Alvin Meador

Hot Stock 17-21 1050                 Alvin Meador

Hot Stock 17-21 1150                 Alvin Meador

Hot Stock 22-27 1050                Mark Shockley

Hot Stock 22-27 1150                Hunter Feazell

Hot Stock 22-27 1250                Hunter Feazell

Modified 40 Cube 1050              Bauer Roland

Modified 40 Cube 1150              Richard Roland

Modified 50 Cube 1050              Gene Lundsford

Modified 75 Cube 1050              Barry Milam

Modified 75 Cube 1150              Barry Milam

Modified 900-1250 cc 1200        Barry Milam

Modified 900-1250 cc 1300        Barry Milam

Mini Rod 1550                            Patrick Bush

Mini Rod 1600                            Patrick Bush

Mini Rod 1650                            Patrick Bush

Mini Rod 1700                            Patrick Bush





We are located in Franklin County Virginia between Roanoke VA and Martinsville VA.

 Our email is




Please send an email if you would like us to bring a pull to you. 




Thank you to Carlton Scale for rebuilding our scales.


The Trailer Connection for all your trailer and towing needs.

Call Mark and Kim 540 483 9170





Established in 2005, The Blue Ridge Mountain Garden Tractor Pullers Association  is an organization for people with an interest in garden tractor pulling.  

We offer competition classes ranging from Junior, Pure Stock, Hot Stock, Modified, and Mini Rods.   

We travel Franklin County , Virginia and surrounding areas providing family fun and entertainment for all ages.

-Get Hooked on Pulling.

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